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You Don’t Have to Choose Between Driver Retention and Fleet Safety: A Distracted Driving Solution That Fleet Managers — and Drivers — Can Trust

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In the crunch of this driver shortage, does it feel like you must choose between keeping your employees from using their phones unsafely while driving and keeping them as employees, period? Maybe you’ve experienced driver push-back when implementing other safety tools, like in-cab cameras? Maybe you’ve even heard an employee say, “If you ask me to put an app on my phone, I’ll quit.” 

However, with federal legislation pending on allowing commercial truck drivers under the age of 21 to cross state lines and with distracted driving being a major issue across age groups but especially for younger drivers, fleets cannot risk the consequences of failing to put safety measures in place. In addition, drivers actually cite a strong safety culture as a top reason for staying with a fleet, so getting safety policies and solutions in place is critical.

At Motion Intelligence, we know that no matter how good a safety solution is for your bottom line, it must pass the “Driver Test” to be truly effective. We have consulted with commercial drivers, professionals who drive enterprise fleet vehicles, and safety managers nationwide to really understand the concerns and experiences that define a driver’s willingness to install and use a distracted driving prevention tool. For a safety solution to be truly effective, there needs to be buy-in from drivers and managers

That’s why the Motion Intelligence Evvy App is designed to eliminate the biggest concerns employees have regarding installing a safety app on their personal devices, while providing best-in-class mobile device policy enforcement for every mile driven.

Enabling Connectivity

Your response to the driver that threatens to quit should be, “What is it that you need to do on your phone during work hours while driving a company vehicle insured by the company that this app prevents you from doing?” 

Making calls? Receiving calls via hands-free/Bluetooth? Listening to music or podcasts? Using navigation? Calling 911? Because our solution, the Evvy App, can allow all of these — safely — as dictated by your organization’s mobile device policy. The Evvy App prevents actions that are illegal, but can provide flexibility for other uses. This is a customizable solution that beats out simply saying “no devices, period,” while preventing costly and dangerous events.

It is worth repeating, because it cuts right to the heart of what concerns drivers the most when it comes to their phones: being disconnected. The Evvy App allows drivers to remain connected safely and legally while eliminating the most distracting mobile device behaviors. That way, drivers can rest assured knowing they can reach their loved ones with the touch of a button, and you can be certain that your drivers aren’t engaging in dangerous behaviors on the road.

Protecting Privacy

The second thing drivers fear the most when it comes to app-based safety solutions? Their boss or a company being able to access their personal data on their phone! 

The Evvy App doesn’t collect or store any personal information. No phone number, no email address, no log-in, no registration. Just an app install, and a one-time entry of their Driver Code.

Neither Motion Intelligence nor fleet managers can see what a driver has installed on their phone or view their mobile device activity outside of the Evvy App. The app simply prevents the driver from exiting the app while the vehicle is in motion and ensures compliance by detecting “Rogue Devices.” Rogue devices are personal devices without the Evvy App installed that a driver may bring into the vehicle. Any of the simple functions (as mentioned above) that a fleet manager allows are accessible via single touch or voice commands on the Evvy App.

In addition, a mobile safety app can feel less invasive to drivers than an in-cab camera, as drivers worry about when the camera is recording and when they are being monitored. Cameras are great at recording unsafe driver behaviors, but the Evvy App is actually preventative, stopping drivers from using their mobile devices in a dangerous manner before it happens.

A Comprehensive Solution You Can Trust

We get that privacy and connectivity are major concerns for commercial drivers, and we also understand that your job as a fleet manager is to keep your drivers safe and protect your company from unnecessary liability. The Motion Intelligence solution addresses all of these concerns: protecting driver privacy, enabling safe connectivity, and empowering fleet management to ensure safety and security. Our safety solution is one that fleet managers, and drivers, can trust.


Learn more about the Evvy App and how our safety solution can work for your fleet.

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