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Why Motion Intelligence’s Distracted-Driving Solution Beats Out the Competition

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Cell phone use while driving is a deadly problem — and it’s only getting worse. Distracted driving accidents continue to skyrocket, costing fleets $2 billion annually, threatening fleet driver safety, and damaging brand value. The fact is, most people are addicted to checking their mobile devices: On average, people check their phones 47 times a day and use their phones 117 minutes a day. The addictive behavior is cultural, meaning it is common for people to use their devices during dangerous situations, such as when driving, and to feel anxiety when they are unable to check their device immediately at any given time.

Motion Intelligence realized this growing problem requires a cultural change, and they wanted to do something about it. By pairing their team’s decades of technology and industry experience with a passion for solving this problem, the Motion Intelligence leadership team created a distracted driving solution unparalleled by anything else on the market. While other companies may offer similar products, their distracted driving products don’t address the problem holistically as Motion Intelligence does.

Motion Intelligence technology provides a comprehensive, preventative approach to help drivers maintain connectivity in a way that’s safe, effective and empowering, but that breaks the addictive cycle of using a mobile device while driving. The MotionIQ dashboard and Evvy software work together to promote fleet safety and provide a patent-protected, comprehensive distracted driving solution, unmatched by any other product on the market. Below are some of the features that make Motion Intelligence and Evvy stand out from the competition.


Evvy, the app that forms the core of the Motion Intelligence distracted driving solution, is not one-size-fits-all. Other distracted driving solutions are limited to full fleet enforcement, but Motion Intelligence believes that good driver behavior should be rewarded. That’s why Motion Intelligence technology offers flexible configurations that adapt to individual driver behavior. (We collect NO personal phone numbers in order to protect driver privacy.)

Managers can set the Motion Intelligence Evvy software to allow use of certain apps, such as navigation, and prevent the use of others, such as texting or social media. MotionIQ also provides driver performance monitoring, which aids training and driver retention. We also provide feeds to third-party telematics or camera systems for a comprehensive, end-to-end view for managers.

Evvy works in both MDM and BYOD environments and on phones as well as tablets and other devices, making it universally seamless to adopt. This helps drivers stay safe, regardless of whether they’re relying on a work-provided device or bringing a personal phone into their vehicle.

Evvy is also known for its exclusive “Smart Device Detection” capability. This manages different device zones in the vehicle, which promotes safe driver habits.


Evvy is the leading distracted driving solution because it stops the problem before it happens. Other software and hardware, such as in-cab recording devices, on the market monitor or react, while Motion Intelligence actually prevents cell phone use while driving. This protects fleet safety and all other drivers on the road.

Evvy is one-of-a-kind, especially because of its Rogue Device Detection. This capability detects and reports unauthorized “rogue devices” in the vehicle, such as the driver’s unauthorized personal cell phone, which could pose a distraction while driving. This technology has a built-in, foolproof system that prevents drivers’ attempts to compromise it. The Motion Intelligence dashboard even includes dynamic, real-time alerts and “rogue” reporting that provide full visibility to fleet managers. No competitor has this level of transparency.


The MotionIQ dashboard provides an online hub for fleet managers to easily access and manage their fleet settings. This comprehensive overview helps managers supervise driver behavior—and the Evvy app’s efficacy—in real time.

Evvy is easy to install, with a simple two-part system. Place the signaling device inside the vehicle and install the app — that’s it. Evvy requires no wiring or special power arrangements to work. The software is not only compatible with Android and iOS and available on both app stores; it’s also compatible with existing and planned vehicle safety features. This seamless integration elevates the Motion Intelligence distracted driving solution above all others.

When this simple onboarding process is complete, Evvy starts automatically when the vehicle begins to move.

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