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This Distracted Driving App Will Help Prepare Your Fleet for new Federal Mandates

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Commercial fleets may soon be required to implement certain safety practices and technologies with officials pursuing federal safety regulations. Many fleets, hoping to ensure compliance with any regulations and ease a transition to mandatory action, are voluntarily adopting safety solutions. Now is the perfect time to get your fleet ready for these changes by strengthening your safety culture with the Motion Intelligence solution and Evvy, our distracted driving app.

Some of the regulations that are being pursued include adding automatic emergency brakes to heavy trucks and implementing advanced driver-assistance systems. All of these technologies are aimed at improving vehicle safety and encouraging safe driving behavior, yet they are all reactive solutions. And even while automatic braking and advanced-driver assistance systems can help reduce the severity and likelihood of crashes, they are not able to prevent 100% of crashes.

The Motion Intelligence solution is proactive, ensuring drivers are staying focused on the road. Evvy, our distracted driving app, keeps drivers safe by preventing access to the most distracting apps while allowing them to remain connected with one-touch calling and hands-free bluetooth capabilities. The app activates once the vehicle is in motion. While using the app, drivers can still listen to podcasts or music as well as view a navigation app as long as these are set up prior to driving.

The distracted driving app is paired with the MotionIQ Evvy Manager Dashboard, allowing fleet managers to ensure drivers are not using unauthorized, or “rogue,” devices and giving managers reports on driver safety. With dashboard updates, fleet managers can be confident that their drivers are adhering to safety policies.

Adopting the Motion Intelligence safety solution now will show federal regulators that your fleet takes safety seriously and can smooth the transition to the implementation of other safety features. If fleet managers wait until regulations are in effect to begin implementing safety solutions, they may end up rushing the process, risk being out of compliance with the regulations, or spending more than necessary on options that don’t get at the root of the problem.

If your fleet is already using solutions like in-cab cameras, you know the value of safety and have taken a step toward ensuring driver accountability. But in-cab cameras and similar solutions are not able to stop crashes or prevent drivers from using mobile devices — cameras can only document whether a driver was properly or improperly behaving behind the wheel. As this article published on NAFA’s website states, “It’s much more important to avoid an accident than to record it. Recording is good for evidence to show that a driver is innocent or guilty, but isn’t it better to avoid an accident altogether?”

The Motion Intelligence solution and our distracted driving app do not have to replace the in-cab cameras or similar solutions you have already invested in; rather, our solution can complement these technologies and ensure greater driver alignment with your fleet’s existing cell phone and safety policies.

Get in touch with us today to learn how the Motion Intelligence solution can work for you and prepare your fleet for any potential regulations.

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