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Help Your Drivers Improve Safe Driving Behaviors: Announcing Our New Evvy Scoring & Rewards Program

The use of mobile devices while driving is a dangerous habit rooted in technology addiction. In a society driven by technological innovation, mobile device addiction is a problem that must be confronted with a solution that doesn’t negate the importance of technology or reduce our use of its beneficial connectivity.  Motion Intelligence’s distracted driving app,

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This Distracted Driving App Will Help Prepare Your Fleet for Regulatory Mandates

Commercial fleets may soon be required to implement certain safety practices and technologies with officials pursuing federal safety regulations. Many fleets, hoping to ensure compliance with any regulations and ease a transition to mandatory action, are voluntarily adopting safety solutions. Now is the perfect time to get your fleet ready for these changes by strengthening

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Tech Solutions for Tech Problems: CJ Meurell on Solving Smartphone Addiction with a Distracted Driving App

Despite fleet companies creating mobile device policies and installing in-cab cameras, accident rates continue to rise. CJ Meurell, Motion Intelligence’s CRO, is at the forefront of transforming the conversation around distracted driving by centering technology addiction as the root cause. CJ delivered a presentation about mobile device addiction at the Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference

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You Don’t Have to Choose Between Driver Retention and Fleet Safety: A Distracted Driving Solution That Fleet Managers — and Drivers — Can Trust

In the crunch of this driver shortage, does it feel like you must choose between keeping your employees from using their phones unsafely while driving and keeping them as employees, period? Maybe you’ve experienced driver push-back when implementing other safety tools, like in-cab cameras? Maybe you’ve even heard an employee say, “If you ask me

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3 Tips to Improve Fleet Driver Safety

Distracted driving is a big problem — especially for commercial drivers who are on the road for long stretches of time. Accidents cost fleets in the United States about $2 billion annually, and insurance penalties for distracted driving have risen more than 10,000% over the past decade. Additionally, in the U.S. in 2019 alone, more than 3,000 people died in crashes involving distracted drivers with hundreds of thousands more people sustaining injuries.

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Putting a Focus on Fleet Safety

We’re sharing answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from fleet managers. Every April, the National Safety Council, the National Highway Transportation Association, and others participate in Distracted Driving Awareness Month by highlighting the disastrous impacts of distracted and dangerous driving behaviors.

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Motion Intelligence Distracted-Driving Solution Featured and Recommended by The Safe Driver

“I would highly recommend [Evvy] to any fleet manager or family of drivers. It was helping to mold the attitude of the younger drivers in my family and to change their cell phone habits behind the wheel,” says Scott Marshall, Director of Training for Young Drivers of Canada and publisher of the respected site, The Safe Driver, of the Motion Intelligence distracted-driving solution.

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