Bring out
The best
In your Drivers

All-new Evvy Scoring & Rewards takes Evvy’s distraction prevention to a whole new level using cutting-edge AI-powered telematics. Monitor safe-driving metrics, assign individual safety scores, and ultimately improve driver behavior through ongoing incentives.


The idea behind
scoring is simple

You cannot improve what you don’t measure. Alongside our industry-leading distraction-prevention software, Evvy, we’ve partnered with leading smartphone telematics and driving behavior experts, Cambridge Mobile Telematics, to bring you best-in-class, AI-driven measurement of the key driving behaviors that are indicative of accident risk.

Evvy Scoring captures:

Evvy App Usage

Phone distraction

Excessive speeding

Hard braking

Harsh acceleration

Sharp cornering

how EVVY SCORING works

Evvy Scoring boasts a feature-rich suite of telematics-driven tools designed to help managers identify and eliminate risky behavior while incentivizing drivers through ongoing engagement and monetary rewards.

    • Every drive/trip assigned a score (1–5 stars)
    • Custom driving tips per trip for self-coaching and improvement
    • Good scores = opportunity for rewards with Evvy Rewards Program!
    • Robust fleet manager dashboard
    • Driver scores and leaderboard ranking to inspire friendly competition
    • Quickly view best/riskiest drivers and improvement/decline trends
    • Easy setup + turnkey implementation

how EVVY REWARDS works

With Evvy, your drivers will be safer than ever and improving every day — so let’s reward them! At the end of each trip, a driver’s score is averaged with previous scores in the same scoring period. At the end of each scoring period, drivers can then cash-in their scores for gift cards.

Ongoing scores used as currency for gift cards

Drivers can cash-in points whenever they want

Gift card catalog features everyone’s favorites

User-friendly “self service” gift card retrieval

The safer they drive, the more they earn!


Gamification is the process of using motivational hooks in a game-like setting to help strengthen engagement and repeat usage. The longer and more actively a driver engages with the app, the more likely they are to experience the designed behavior change over the long term.

  • Ongoing company-wide leaderboard
  • Friendly competition spurs progress
  • Rapid per-trip rating provides instant feedback
  • Milestone Badges encourage buy-in
  • Accrued points = gift cards!

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