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Putting a Focus on Fleet Safety

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We’re sharing answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from fleet managers. While the most commonly known form of distracted driving is using a mobile device while driving, distracted driving includes a range of behaviors that take a driver’s focus away from the road either by looking away, mentally zoning out, or physically reaching for something. 

Motion Intelligence is adding its voice to those calling for an end to distracted driving. Each year, thousands of people die in crashes related to distracted driving and many more are injured. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019, “driver/sales workers and truck drivers incurred 1,005 fatal occupational injuries, the highest since this series began in 2003.” Beyond the human toll, the financial impact of distracted driving can be especially consequential for fleets. On average, crashes that result in property damage cost $63,000, those with injuries cost $438,000, and those that result in fatalities cost more than $10 million, according to an analysis of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) data.

Fleet managers know distracted driving is an issue that costs businesses every year and can damage their company’s reputation, but sometimes it is difficult to know what effective solutions are out there to ensure driver safety. The Motion Intelligence solution is preventative rather than reactive and respects driver privacy, so fleet managers can be confident in their ability to retain drivers.

Below are some highlights from our recent guide, Answering Fleet Questions About Preventing Distracted Driving and Safe-Driving Apps, that we hope can help you set safe driver policies.


Read “Answering Fleet Questions About Preventing Distracted Driving and Safe-Driving Apps”

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Why isn’t our fleet’s mobile device and cell phone policy preventing distracted driving?

We think defining a policy is the most important step in getting your entire fleet on the same page about safe driving behaviors.

But, there are three main reasons a policy itself won’t solve your fleet’s distracted driving problem:

  1. Drivers want to stay in touch while on the road. 
  2. Monitoring bad behavior doesn’t stop bad behavior. 
  3. Most policies can be outsmarted. 

If we are already using in-cab cameras, why would our fleet need a distracted-driving prevention app?

In-cab cameras are terrific at recording events in the cab, including just before an accident or distracted-driving event. However, cameras can only tell fleet managers what happened. In order to help drivers improve their behavior and reduce safety policy infractions, fleets need a solution to address the root cause of the issue: technology addiction. Even if there is a camera watching our every move, we will reach for our mobile device to check in. This is the technology addiction drivers are dealing with that a preventative app can address but cameras cannot. 

What should I do about drivers who don’t want to put a safe-driving app on their personal phones?

One of the biggest concerns we hear from our fleet customers is that drivers who use their personal phones on the job are worried about privacy risks with adding an app on their phones. Your and our No. 1 goal is to see drivers get home safely to their families and improve fleet safety records. And the truth is, fleets don’t have to choose between driver retention and lower accident rates.

Any app product you choose must come from a business that is committed to driver privacy protection. For example, our Evvy App does not activate or collect any data until drivers put the fleet vehicle in motion. Evvy does not require a driver’s personal phone number or name for the app to work on their phones. Our app does not have access to a user’s text messages, photos, or any other personal files or content on a driver’s device. 

In fact, an app solution like our Evvy App can actually improve driver retention. If a driver’s alternative is to drive with an in-cab camera, we believe Evvy can actually help fleets keep drivers longer. That’s because if a fleet manager sees through the in-cab camera that a driver used his or her device while driving a fleet vehicle, that driver is often put on probation or terminated. Because our proactive app prevents drivers from being distracted by their phones in the first place, the app can actually help fleets work with drivers to adjust their behavior and keep more drivers behind the wheel more days of the year.

If you would like to learn more about how Motion Intelligence’s safety solution can work for your fleet, contact our CRO CJ Meurell for a free ROI analysis for your fleet. Also, fill out the form below for this full resource, Answering Fleet Questions About Preventing Distracted Driving and Safe-Driving Apps, and more.


Read “Answering Fleet Questions About Preventing Distracted Driving and Safe-Driving Apps.”

Please share your email address and we’ll send you the full resource.

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