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Distracted driving is a danger to everyone, and to your company’s bottom line. Learn more about how to be part of the solution and make roads across the world safer.



From fleet safety news to our industry insights into solving the distracted driving challenge, this is your source for Motion Intelligence in the space where smart device and vehicle meet.

Tech Solutions for Tech Problems: CJ Meurell on Solving Smartphone Addiction with a Distracted Driving App

Despite fleet companies creating mobile device policies and installing in-cab cameras, accident rates continue to rise. CJ Meurell, Motion Intelligence’s CRO, is at the forefront of transforming the conversation around distracted driving by centering technology addiction as the root cause. CJ delivered a presentation about mobile device addiction at the Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference

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You Don’t Have to Choose Between Driver Retention and Fleet Safety: A Distracted Driving Solution That Fleet Managers — and Drivers — Can Trust

In the crunch of this driver shortage, does it feel like you must choose between keeping your employees from using their phones unsafely while driving and keeping them as employees, period? Maybe you’ve experienced driver push-back when implementing other safety tools, like in-cab cameras? Maybe you’ve even heard an employee say, “If you ask me




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Fleet policies, tech needed to fight smartphone ‘addiction’, speaker says

CJ Meurell, our co-founder, spoke at the 2021 Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference about the dangers of distracted driving and the Motion Intelligence.

4 Ways to Improve Fleet Safety and Reduce Crash-Related Costs

Automotive Fleet

Motion Intelligence shares four strategies fleet managers can use to improve their fleet's safety and cut back on costs associated with crashes.

2021 Best Tech Startups in Colorado Springs

The Tech Tribune

Motion Intelligence was selected as a 2021 Best Tech Startup in Colorado Springs by The Tech Tribune. The publication appreciated Motion Intelligence's mission to improve road safety.

Profile of a Founder: CJ Meurell of Motion Intelligence

The Tech Tribune

Motion Intelligence co-founder CJ Meurell was interviewed by The Tech Tribune for the publication's Profile of a Founder series. CJ discusses the founding of Motion Intelligence and its mission.

Distracted Driving Awareness Brings Tragedies and Future Technologies Into Focus

Auto Futures

Motion Intelligence co-founder CJ Meurell discusses the advantages of the Evvy app, especially compared to in-cab cameras.

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Changing the habit of cell phone dependency while driving

The Safe Driver

Scott Marshall, Director of Training for Young Drivers of Canada and publisher of "The Safe Driver,” tested our distracted driving solution, using his family as a test fleet. With the Evvy app and the MotionIQ Dashboard, he was able to see the effectiveness of our solution and recommends it to fleets.

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VOXX, Motion Intelligence partner against distracted driving

Bulk Transporter

The partnership between Motion Intelligence and VOXX Advanced Solutions has created the most effective distracted driving prevention solution on the market. With Motion Intelligence’s Evvy app and VOXX’s smart device detection, the solution ensures drivers are safe while behind the wheel.

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Motion Intelligence system designed to outsmart smart devices, eliminate distracted driving

Bulk Transporter

CJ Meurell, Motion Intelligence’s CRO, spoke with Bulk Transporter about the Motion Intelligence distracted driving solution. CJ highlights the solution's ability to prevent distractions at the source and detect “rogue” devices, making it tamper-proof and effective.