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Motion Intelligence Distracted-Driving Solution Featured and Recommended by The Safe Driver

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Scott Marshall, Director of Training for Young Drivers of Canada and publisher of the respected “The Safe Driver” site, tested the Motion Intelligence Evvy App, signaling devices, and Motion IQ dashboard in May and June 2020. Scott’s review is a welcome validation of our distracted-driving solution, a proven fleet safety tool.

Scott writes:

“I came across Motion Intelligence, a company in the market to reduce distracted driving directed at fleet drivers across the world. Whenever I come across a new way to help improve road safety, I need to know more. Since I don’t manage a fleet, I wanted to test it out on the drivers in my family. In a way, I acted as the fleet manager for my family.

The system works with an app downloaded to the phone, a signaling device placed inside the vehicle, and dashboard to monitor how each device is being used, among other things. A couple of my kids and I downloaded the app on our phones and tested how it could work for families who wanted to train their ways to avoid distracted driving through their phones.”

Scott shares a full review of his family’s test of the Evvy app on The Safe Driver here.

In summary:

“Overall, I was pleased with this app, and it would be something I would highly recommend to any fleet manager or family of drivers. It was helping to mold the attitude and minds of the younger drivers in my family and to change their cell phone habits behind the wheel. One thing to remember, habits never die, they just change. Motion Intelligence can certainly help change the habit of cell phone dependency while driving.”

We encourage you to check out his full review and get in touch with our sales team today to demo our distracted-driving solution with your fleet.

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