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Motion Intelligence Adds Tech Experts to Board of Advisors Increasing Expertise & Market Access

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MAY 18, 2020


COLORADO SPRINGS, CO– MAY 18, 2020 – Motion Intelligence, an emerging leader in distracted-driving prevention technology, today announced the addition of new leadership and depth of experience to its advisory board, who will guide the company into additional markets and ensure product compliance and best practices—two factors unique in the industry. These tech experts will help Motion Intelligence continue to refine and improve their safety solutions.

David Le, VP, General Counsel at Lyft, and Matt Brennan, former Head of Strategy, Enterprise at Apple and now founder of GrowthEngine Consulting, proudly joined the Motion Intelligence board of advisors this spring. Le brings expertise and connections into the growing rideshare and fleet gig economy markets. Brennan provides a link to ensure Apple compliance for all Motion Intelligence products, including its Evvy App that prevents distracted driving currently on the market, and strategic tech-startup advisement. Apple compliance is a must for App Store availability, and Motion Intelligence’s level of compliance and uninterrupted availability in the App Store is unmatched by industry competitors—an advantage Brennan will help the company further strengthen.

Le and Brennan join Tim Harden, former President and CEO of AT&T Supply Chain and Fleet Operations and current Chairman of BeyondEdge Networks; Jerome Webber, former AT&T VP of Global Fleet Operations and current President of Webber Fleet; Lawrence Richenstein, director of multiple venture funding organizations, including New York Angels and Peak Ventures; and John Formisano, former FedEx VP of Global Vehicles. 

“I’m proud to be a part of the team helping guide the Motion Intelligence suite of technology solutions. The additional members of the board of advisors strengthens the technology development and access to additional fleet markets—something I’m really excited about,” says Tim Harden, board of advisors member. “The Motion Intelligence Evvy App gives fleet owners the ability to create a win-win-win scenario. Mobile technology becomes the enabler of these improvements, and the more fleets we can get using this technology, the better for their companies and the safer for all drivers on the road.”

Their combined expertise is a clear signal to Motion Intelligence customers and investors of the company’s high-quality performance and increasing large-fleet-market opportunities. The company’s highly qualified board of advisors has joined Motion Intelligence in its quest to use technology to eliminate distracted-driving accidents with proven, effective solutions.

“Distracted driving accounts for approximately 40% of all motor vehicle crash fatalities,” says Motion Intelligence CEO Sue Spradley. “And, despite a decrease in accidents since 2019, for fleets, the number of accidents is actually on the rise, with distracted driving caused by mobile device distraction one of the leading cited causes. Employers who implement Motion Intelligence will see a reduction in costs associated with accidents, insurance, business loss and brand diminishment. Our Evvy product gives fleets the ability to prevent drivers’ dangerous behavior before it happens.” 

The Motion Intelligence Evvy App and its associated signaling device can be seamlessly integrated to enable fleet managers to prevent dangerous distractions caused by mobile devices while enabling drivers to stay safely connected while on the road. Coupled with the Motion IQ dashboard and reporting infrastructure, fleets can readily review and manage drivers’ device activity while on the road. Motion Intelligence is the only distracted-driving solution on the market that can detect unauthorized, or “rogue,” devices, meaning no device can be used dangerously while driving without a report being sent to a fleet manager on the Motion IQ dashboard. 

Currently, Evvy is available and has active users in the United States, Australia and Japan. In the future, Motion Intelligence will release versions of the Evvy App for the general consumer market beyond fleet lines. 

About Motion Intelligence: Motion Intelligence is a SaaS-based B2B technology company founded in 2014 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Motion Intelligence’s Evvy App-based technology detects and manages mobile devices inside a vehicle. Authorized devices are managed according to user preference or, in the case of fleets and rideshares, company policy, thereby greatly reducing the risk of dangerous Distracted-Driving while still allowing safe driver connectivity. All Motion Intelligence products are trademarked and secured by a comprehensive patent portfolio.  

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