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Help Your Drivers Improve Safe Driving Behaviors: Announcing Our New Evvy Scoring & Rewards Program

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The use of mobile devices while driving is a dangerous habit rooted in technology addiction. In a society driven by technological innovation, mobile device addiction is a problem that must be confronted with a solution that doesn’t negate the importance of technology or reduce our use of its beneficial connectivity. 

Motion Intelligence’s distracted driving app, Evvy, is designed to prevent distractions caused by mobile devices, helping fleets address the root cause of this dangerous driving behavior and helping drivers curb their technology addiction. In partnership with Cambridge Mobile Telematics, Motion Intelligence is making our distracted driving prevention solution even better with new Evvy Scoring & Rewards features that can motivate drivers to practice safe driving behaviors. Fleets can now access industry-leading safe-driving technology with an added driving behavior reporting metric that will create an individual driver score. Scores are available to drivers after each drive in a 5-star format, which will be based on key safety performance metrics like device distraction, compliance with fleet mobile device policy, speed, and turning/maneuvering.

Our new scoring technology allows safety managers to monitor and pinpoint challenge areas and coach drivers to improve their performance. Our program also offers peer visibility where drivers can view their score-based rank within the fleet generating an environment for friendly competition and self-driven improvement.

Evvy Scoring offers a fun way for drivers to understand and improve their driving habits. Drivers can see their score and performance over time to encourage driver accountability. Driver engagement is maintained through a “seasonal” approach that builds up multiple times a year (like a sports season) culminating in a “final” where drivers can be recognized for their performance. 

A robust scoring structure is an excellent foundation for a Driver Rewards Program, also now available with our Evvy app, where drivers can earn rewards for safe driving behavior. In tandem with our Evvy scoring program, fleets can attach rewards to specific scores and points. For example, if a driver has several 5-star drives in a row, they could be rewarded with a gift card provided by the fleet. These rewards are set up by fleet management and can be used to further incentivize good driving behavior beyond the scoring component.

It’s clear that the cultural addiction to our cell phones poses a threat to safety on the road. To truly prevent dangerous distracted driving, solutions like in-cab cameras that monitor but don’t prevent distractions do not ultimately address the root cause of the problem. Through our Evvy app, fleet managers can help drivers improve their safe driving behavior, and the addition of the Evvy Scoring & Rewards program provides incentive for drivers making positive changes. but With Evvy Scoring & Rewards, your fleet can gamify safety and more directly reward drivers for staying distraction-free behind the wheel.

Reach out today to learn more about this exciting program and how it can help your fleet!

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