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Giving Fleets the Freedom and Flexibility They Need in a Distracted Driving app: Presenting Evvy Multi-Passenger

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Evvy Multi-Passenger Is the Latest in a Series of Product Features Customized for Fleets

We at Motion Intelligence work with our customers – fleets of all sizes – to fine-tune our product to their specific needs. As the people who use and depend on our technology, we are listening to what fleets need from a safe driving system. We found that our Evvy App, which prevents drivers from engaging in dangerous driving behavior, could be improved with additional flexibility for fleet crews who work as teams, whether for long-haul, last-mile, or enterprise setups. Now, Motion Intelligence is excited to offer passengers and off-duty team drivers the freedom they want from a distracted driving app without compromising our commitment to driver safety. 

As part of our Evvy App’s suite of industry-unique features, we proudly announce our new patent-pending Evvy Multi-Passenger feature! The Evvy App prevents distracted driving by safely managing the driver’s device display by limiting access to distracting apps. With our new Multi-Passenger feature, fleets will have the flexibility to retain a quality work environment. When multiple Evvy users enter a vehicle, the driver can use Evvy Multi-Passenger to identify as the driver to allow passengers the freedom to use their mobile devices as normal while ensuring that the driver’s device is safely managed across every mile. 

Evvy Multi-Passenger serves team drivers in long-haul commercial trucking or crew-based enterprise trucking to allow “off-duty” drivers full access to their devices while in the vehicle and for drivers to stay safely connected when they are on duty. Passengers will enjoy uninterrupted access to their devices throughout the course of the trip. Local last-mile delivery and crew-based enterprise fleets can also benefit from Evvy Multi-Passenger, designed to be easily adjusted for any driver in any vehicle at any time. 

With news that soon drivers as young as 18 years old will be able to transport cargo across state lines in multi-ton big rigs, our new feature can assist mentors as they train these young people. As young people take on the responsibility of fleet drivers, it’s important for mentors to access their devices and for drivers to focus on the road. As young people are more likely to engage in distracted driving behavior, the Evvy App can protect them while not completely disconnecting them from their devices. 

Combined with our Evvy Scoring & Rewards program, fleets now have access to a truly innovative and comprehensive fleet safety system that goes beyond monitoring and punishing dangerous driving behavior. With our Multi-Passenger feature and Scoring & Rewards program, fleet managers can actively intervene in distracted driving and reward safe driving habits.

Incentivizing safe driving behavior, empowering drivers with the flexibility and freedom they need, and keeping them connected behind the wheel can foster a strong safety culture that protects your operations’ bottom line. With the Evvy approach, you can reduce distracted driving by 39% in 30 days!

“We have been working with our fleet customers of all sizes to really listen to their needs and respond with upgrades to our existing product,” says Sue Spradley, Motion Intelligence CEO. “We are excited to add Evvy Multi-Passenger into our suite of features available with our Evvy App and Motion IQ Evvy Manager Dashboard, including our recently released Evvy Scoring and Rewards Program to incentivize policy compliance and team competition for better safety outcomes.” 

With Evvy Multi-Passenger, commercial and enterprise fleet drivers can now enjoy comprehensive distracted driving protection when they are behind the wheel and a totally seamless user experience when they are in the passenger’s seat.

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