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Gamification Can Drive Safer Driving Behavior Through Distracted Driving Prevention App

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Technology plays an innovative and necessary role in our development. However, issues like distracted driving are not problems we need to accept as a necessary byproduct of our tech-driven society. Distracted driving can be eliminated, but it will require that we first understand the root of the problem: addiction. 

Studies have proven that we “reach for” and “look at” our mobile device an average of 63 times a day – and this action doesn’t stop while we are driving. Our brains are hardwired to feel a rush of dopamine when we hear and see notifications. That’s why punitive measures, such as firing fleet drivers for breaching cell phone policy, do not effectively address the heart of the problem. 

Recent stats have shown the problem to only be growing. As fleet managers, you understand the high costs and dangers associated with distracted driving for your enterprise. Distracted driving costs fleets $2 billion annually — accounting for an estimated 14% of a fleet’s total expenses — threatens fleet driver safety, and damages brand value. With nuclear verdicts for wrecks and deaths caused by distracted driving on the rise and driver turnover at an all-time high, it is time to take advantage of current available technologies, like our Evvy App, that can solve and prevent these outcomes.

Existing distracted driving technologies such as in-cab cameras only monitor driver behavior, which is only useful after a wreck has occurred. And while a company mobile device policy is important for any fleet, reactive measures do not proactively prevent distracted driving. What trucking businesses need is a solution that can not only monitor but intervene and prevent dangerous driving behavior before it happens. Solutions that don’t address the root of the problem cannot protect fleets from the unnecessary costs associated with distracted driving. That’s where the Evvy App and Evvy Manager MotionIQ Dashboard come in — and with our new Evvy Scoring & Rewards program, the opportunity to eliminate distracted driving is stronger than ever. 

Evvy Scoring & Rewards Program: Distracted Driving Prevention Incentivized Through Gamification for Drivers 

The Motion Intelligence Evvy Scoring & Rewards program gamifies safe driving behavior to offer an innovative way to motivate drivers to self-improve their performance. Fleet drivers can earn a score in a 5-star format after each driving session, which can be compared to other drivers across the company, and will receive specific tips on how to improve driving behavior. Driver engagement is maintained through a “seasonal” approach that builds up multiple times a year (like a sports season), culminating in a “final” where drivers can be recognized for their achievement.

The Evvy App alone can restrict fleet drivers’ device display access in accordance with your company’s policies to prevent distracted driving and provides comprehensive compliance-related data to fleet managers. Thanks to our partnership with Cambridge Mobile Telematics, our advanced technology uses a smartphone’s onboard sensors and advanced AI to detect distracted driving instantly and accurately. From the data, we can provide quick, actionable feedback that can be incentivized with rewards which is an approach that has been shown to reduce distracted driving by up to 39% in just 30 days. 

The Evvy Scoring & Rewards Program takes a strengths-based approach to driver behavior by incentivizing safe driving rather than relying on punishing undesirable performance. By shifting driver focus from the punitive consequences of their performance toward the rewards of safe driving behavior, fleets can motivate drivers to self-improve driving habits. Despite concerns, a strong fleet safety culture is actually very important for fostering driver retention. The best way to help drivers practice safe behavior behind the wheel is to help them curb their technology addiction by preventing mobile device distractions from occurring in the first place and reward them along the way as they adopt safer behaviors.

Reach out today to learn more about this exciting program and how it can help your fleet!

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