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Motion Intelligence’s proven solution prevents distracted driving by eliminating mobile device distractions and reporting non-compliance in real time.

We Help Fleet Managers

Prevent Distracted-Driving Accidents

Our Evvy app prevents distractions caused by mobile devices before they occur. Drivers remain safely connected without an opportunity to engage in dangerous distracted-driving behavior.

Our MotionIQ Dashboard, which seamlessly integrates into existing fleet telematics and driver-monitoring tools, provides a fully customizable, easily managed monitoring system with realtime reports for effective management.

how our solution works

Our solution’s components, the Evvy app, Evvy signaling device and MotionIQ dashboard, integrate seamlessly into any fleet environment to prevent distracted driving.


iPhone and Android phone displaying Evvy app home screen


Macbook laptop displaying Motion IQ dashboard home screen


Evvy signaling device

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Our Fleet-Safety Solution

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App is compatible with Apple and Android devices

Solution works in MDM and BYOD environments

Managers can configure access, including:

– Emergency calls
– Calls to approved contacts
– Approved apps

Managers receive out-of-policy alerts and reports, including:

– The usage status for smart devices
Rogue device detection
– Driver safety reports


Our customers represent the world’s leading fleet and insurance companies. We are proud to work with one of the nation’s largest wireless and internet providers; national leaders in infrastructure services; and two of the nation’s best family-owned regional construction and food-supply companies—to name a few.

Globally, our customers include a national Australian leader in regional long haul transportation and one of the largest insurers in Japan, as well as their customer base. 

Our customers are our partners working with us daily to ensure that the roads are safer and their employees get home to their families safely.

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