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FAQ: Why isn’t our fleet’s mobile device and cell phone policy preventing distracted driving?

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We think defining a policy is the most important step in getting your entire fleet on the same page about safe driving behaviors. While a policy alone is not always a deterrent, having a clear mobile device and cell phone policy in place helps set expectations for driver behavior on the job and ensures drivers understand the consequences they will face if they do not adhere to safe driving practices. 

But, there are three main reasons a policy itself won’t solve your fleet’s distracted driving problem:

Drivers want to stay in touch while on the road. Beyond the desire to stay in touch with friends and families while on the road, studies have proven that we “reach for” and “look at” our mobile device more than 47 times a day — and this action doesn’t stop while we are driving. Policies that require drivers to eliminate all phone calls  or not listen to podcast or use needed apps such as navigation or truck stop apps can feel too limiting, and without addressing this technology addiction, policies will often fall short in actually changing driver behavior for good. 

Policies with the ability to prevent texting, watching videos and using distracting apps while also giving some drivers the option to use navigation apps and make calls — such as Bluetooth/hands-free calling — can be better received. Managers can set the Motion Intelligence Evvy software to allow use of certain apps, such as navigation, and prevent the use of others, such as texting or social media. MotionIQ also provides driver performance monitoring, which aids training and driver retention. 

Monitoring bad behavior doesn’t stop bad behavior. Written policies, clear consequences, and even in-cab cameras and similar monitoring mechanisms are helpful, but they can’t stop distracted driving before it happens. (Read our FAQ on in-cab cameras compared with our Evvy App solution for more information.) A better goal is to implement tools to move your fleet from responsive — as with enforcing a policy and watching through cameras — to preventative and even predictive tools, which help to change driver behaviour including our Evvy App and MotionIQ Evvy App Manager. 

Policies that reward good behavior with an option for fewer restrictions can be more effective than policies and tools that only punish bad behavior. The Evvy App and MotionIQ Evvy App managers work together to prevent drivers from dangerous, distracted driving, and the dashboard helps monitor driver behavior and establish trends while allowing managers to customize settings to reward drivers who stay safe on the road. 

Most policies can be outsmarted. A comprehensive mobile device policy should include statements about all the various mobile devices a driver could pack, such as smart watches, cell phones, tablets, Bluetooth communication devices, and even wearables. Policies and tools can be informative but not actionable without a seamless, comprehensive system for monitoring and reporting behavior. What does your fleet have to prevent unauthorized or “rogue” devices from being used in the vehicle, effectively working around policies or other tools?

Our Evvy App has unique rogue device detection capabilities, which detect and report rogue devices in the vehicle, such as the driver’s unauthorized personal cell phone, which could pose a distraction while driving. The app has a built-in, foolproof system that prevents drivers’ attempts to compromise it. The MotionIQ Dashboard even includes dynamic, real-time alerts and “rogue” reporting, providing full visibility to fleet managers.

We also provide feeds to third-party telematics or camera systems for a comprehensive, end-to-end view for managers. Evvy works in both MDM and BYOD environments and on phones, tablets, and other devices, making it universally seamless to adopt. This helps drivers stay safe, whether relying on a work-provided device or bringing a personal phone into their vehicle.

To ensure compliance with your fleet’s cell phone policy, you need the right tools to move from reactive to proactive when it comes to distracted driving. Our comprehensive solution is the best available preventative safety option on the market. 

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