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A Distracted Driving Solution that Meets Drivers’ Needs to Change Behavior for Good

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Our culture of constant connectivity puts fleet driver safety at risk as distracted driving continues to be a growing problem for fleets. Technology plays an inventive and necessary role in the development of our society, but the resulting incidents of distracted driving are not a problem we need to accept as a necessary cost of our progress. Technology can be a distracted driving solution by working when paired with psychology to address our societal addiction to our mobile devices.

Motion Intelligence technology provides a comprehensive, preventative approach to help drivers maintain connectivity in a safe, effective, and empowering way while breaking the addictive cycle of using a mobile device while driving. Our distracted driving solution uses our Evvy App and MotionIQ Evvy Manager Dashboard to integrate seamlessly with any fleet system. After drivers install the Evvy App on their devices, driver performance data and reports are sent to the MotionIQ Dashboard for fleet managers to monitor. When installed, the Evvy App can protect drivers from unnecessary notifications, allowing them the concentration they need to stay safe behind the wheel to prevent distracted driving before it happens.

Providing Flexibility Is Paramount to Driver Uptake

As fleets have used our solution to protect their businesses and the communities they serve, we have strived to improve our technology according to the needs of fleet drivers. By listening to those who use our technology the most, we’ve improved our distracted driving solution to give fleets the freedom they want without compromising our commitment to driver safety.  Motion Intelligence introduced a multi-passenger feature that allows fleet crews and “off-duty” team drivers full access to their devices, giving long-haul and enterprise fleets even more flexibility without compromising driver safety. When multiple Evvy users enter a vehicle, the driver can use Evvy Multi-Passenger to identify themselves as the driver and allow passengers the freedom to use their mobile devices as usual.

eliminate distracted driving

Using Rewards to Eliminate Distracted Driving

In partnership with Cambridge Mobile Telematics, Motion Intelligence offers fleets our Evvy Scoring & Rewards program, which gamifies safe driving behavior to provide an innovative way to motivate drivers to self-improve their performance. This scoring technology allows safety managers to monitor and pinpoint challenge areas and coach drivers to improve their performance. Our program also offers peer visibility where drivers can view their score-based rank within the fleet generating an environment for friendly competition and self-driven improvement. Much like a sports season, the Evvy Scoring & Rewards program maintains driver engagement through a “seasonal” approach that builds up multiple times a year, culminating in a “final” where safety managers can recognize drivers for their achievements.

Motion Intelligence strives to maintain a quality work environment for fleet drivers by empowering them, giving them the freedom and flexibility they need, and shifting the approach from a punitive to a proactive solution. By taking a strengths-based approach to driver behavior, our solution stands out as one that rewards the shift in culture that we want to see rather than relying on disciplinary actions and terminations. The best way to help drivers practice safe behavior behind the wheel is to help them curb their technology addiction by preventing mobile device distractions from occurring in the first place — and rewarding them along the way as they adopt safer behaviors.

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