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Our Distracted Driving App

Our Evvy distracted-driving app prevents distractions caused by mobile devices before they occur. Drivers remain safely connected without an opportunity to engage in dangerous distracted driving behavior.

Why a Distracted Driving App?


The average person checks their phone 47 times a day. When we receive a text, our brains get surged with dopamine, and when our brain is in this reward state, it shuts off the part of our brain responsible for judgment and self control, leading to distracted driving and its dangerous consequences. While having a cell phone use policy and employing reactive solutions, like in-cab cameras, are valuable and complementary, until this addictive behavior is stopped the root cause is not resolved.

Explore the Benefits of

A Distracted Driving App

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In-cab cameras document what is happening, but do not prevent dangerous behavior.

Driver privacy is protected, respected and secured.

An app reinforces and ensures mobile device policy is enacted and followed.

Features and Benefits of

Our Evvy App Solution

  • Available in App Store and on Google Play
  • Allows Bluetooth connections for hands-free device use​
  • One-button to push 911 and/or personal and work contacts
  • Fleet policy determines driver’s access to work vs. social apps​
  • Identification and reporting of unauthorized “rogue” devices
  • Scoring and rewards driver incentivization program
  • Multi-passenger feature keeps drivers safe and gives passengers complete access to their devices
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How Our
Distracted Driving App Works

Evvy is a distracted driving prevention app that uses an associated signaling device and cloud-based dashboard to manage mobile device policies in fleet vehicles. Evvy detects vehicle motion and puts the phone into a safe-driving mode, preventing dangerous options while keeping drivers safely connected. Our app’s patent-pending multi-passenger capabilities allow drivers to safely connect and gives passengers full access to their phones while on the road. Coupled with our driver incentivization scoring and rewards program, our distracted driving app is a true solution to dangerous driving behavior in your fleet.


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Evvy signaling device

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