We create solutions to improve road safety using cutting-edge technology to prevent distracted driving. Through our work, we are committed to creating a safer driving culture worldwide.
Truck driver behind the wheel and distracted by cell phone
Driver about to crash head-on into a semi truck

Our team at Motion Intelligence represents a diverse mix of talent, including members with experience in network operations, sales leadership at some of the world’s largest telecommunications and wireless solution providers, and multiple people with startup and military backgrounds. The common thread for the entire team is the desire to save lives. We will remain committed to our mission to stop distracted driving in a way that empowers drivers to engage safely while on the road until we stop seeing billions of dollars and — most importantly — thousands of lives lost each year. 

We know that technology has caused this issue and technology can uniquely solve it!

Sue Spradley, CEO

We have made it our corporate mission to keep the roads safe and get drivers back to their families safely while allowing them to take advantage of the advancements in wireless solutions. Years from now, we expect to feel the same about driving without mobile device distractions as we now do about wearing our seat belts — that it is just a smart thing to do in order to stay safe on the road.


Motion Intelligence’s executive team has the needed expertise with more than 50 years of combined experience in the wireless and telecommunications industries. The team is committed to developing effective solutions to distracted driving using the latest available technology. 

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Telecom veteran with extensive global experience in sales, P&L management, R&D, operations and services. Expertise spans all phases of growth, turnaround, and diversification from start up to maturity. Specializes in developing innovative business models, revitalizing cultures and leveraging financial and human capital.
Bob, one of the founding partners of TAP GG LLC, has 40 years of experience leading network organizations. Prior to co-founding TAP, Bob was the Chief Network Officer of Sprint, where he led the team of engineers and technologists.
A chartered accountant with over 25 years experience. Specializes in providing business advisory services to early stage high-tech companies. Acting as virtual Chief Financial Officer, Mark oversees all aspects of Motion Intelligence's finances and administration.
Specializes in account management and developing strategic alliances. Luxury automotive and entrepreneurial background.


VP of Product Line Management

Telecommunications veteran with 30 years experience in the Wireless and Wireline industry sectors. Specializes in conducting direct sales and through local partners to Japanese Telecom Carriers and Network Equipment Manufacturers.

Shinji Uchida

Japan Country Manager

Procurement and Supply Chain professional with experience in business process outsourcing, energy, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, FMCG, telecommunications, construction and facilities management industries.

Wilfredo Malonzo

Philippines Country Manager

Specializes in operations, logistics, procurement and process improvement and development. Jessica is adept at finding, managing and executing administrative and operations efficiencies.

jessica rodriguez

Sales and Business Operations Specialist

Wireless telecom veteran with over 30 years of extensive experience in engineering, sales, business development, and field operations. Customers include global wireless providers to field service organizations for standardized test solutions to end-to-end network installations.

James Curnel

Major Accounts Executive/Sr. Sales Engineer

Sales and Marketing Executive who brings 20 years of experience at AT&T to Motion Intelligence. Specializes in Account Management and Business Development.

Matt Campbell

Major Accounts Executive

Sales Engineer providing excellent customer support including account management services and training.

Stacy Richards

Sales Engineer

Over 25 years of experience in the solutions of CRM and BSS for enterprise and telecommunications. Specializes in conducting service and technical support direct sales and through local partners to enterprises.

fumiyo matsumoto

Japan Sales Engineer

Expertise in content marketing and impact-brand marketing strategies, helping purpose-driven businesses reach and engage their audiences.


Motion Intelligence has added a depth of experience and industry connections in our Board of Directors and Advisory Board. We are proud to have insights from leadership at key players in our industry and solution, including Apple, AT&T, Lyft, and more.


Motion Intelligence is proud to serve enterprises in Japan to improve fleet driver safety.

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Motion Intelligence is proud to serve enterprises in Japan to improve fleet driver safety.

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